Introducing Picma

Pikma Co. (Pioneer Shoe Selected Iran) was the first joint brand and the first export shoe exporting consortium in 2012. The Pikma family consists of 10 major manufacturing and active factories in the country that are engaged in the production of all types of E.V.A.P.U., Airblowing P.V.C. they are active.
At the beginning, Pikma was able to surpass its rivals in international markets such as Iraq, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. In the second year, with the goal of eliminating intermediaries, and lowering the final price and supporting domestic producers, the chain stores launched a direct supply of goods and in the shortest time the number of its dealership to five branches. The basket of goods is very diverse, high quality, up-to-date and the right price is the competitive advantage of Picama.
Today, with the launch of our online sales website, we have also succeeded in bringing the finished products to our final consumers by eliminating the intermediaries at a very reasonable price.
The goals of this company are expanding the volume of exports and setting up chain stores overseas and increasing the dealings across our beloved homeland.
We hope that we can play a significant role in boosting our country by protecting consumers' rights, encouraging customers to buy Iranian goods and strengthening indigenous producers.

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